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Joseph Rhone, leading the way for black snooker players.

Joseph Rhone

Joseph Rhone Snooker Player

Joseph Rhone was born in London and stayed there until he was seven years old, before moving to Wellingborough, Northampton. He attended Great Park Street School in Wellingborough and did the usual schoolboy things, until discovering his passion for Snooker at aged 14.

At 16 he was playing regularly and beat Mukesh Palmer Indian professional 2-0 for a tenner at the MC Club in Wellingborough. When he was 16, his parents went to Jamaica for two months, and Joseph spent that time in Birmingham. When he returned he moved away from snooker.

"When I was younger I never imagined snooker could be a profession, but as I got older and wiser I realised that snooker is my future. There was a lack of role models and particularly black players"

Who were your snooker idols as a child?

The obvious choice was Alex Higgins, John Spencer, Mark Wilman. Ray Riodan, Terry Griffiths, Doug Mountjoy, Eddie Charlton, Perry Mans and the list just goes on and on .

And today?

The modern day players that stick in my mind are Ronnie O Sulivan, heís the benchmark. There is Steve McGuire heís coming through. Shaun Murphy, the current World Champion. Steve Davis and Jimmy White give me the most inspiration because they are some of the old guards still battling away.

Who were the other black/ Caribbean snooker players?

Michael Gordon was the best black player at that time in early 80ís then Rory McLoud came up. There are not really any young black rising stars in Snooker, mainly Chinese, Indian and white.

When did you realise you wanted to become a professional player? After working in London until 2002, I decided to move back to Wellingborough, Northampton - the snooker capital, and take up the game professionally. That was four years ago now.

Have you had any major scalps over the years?

I have beaten David Gray, (not the singer) and Peter Ebdon three times, but they count for nothing because it was just open play.

What is your highest Break?

143 the excitement was building after the first 40 points, by the end I was so happy it felt like a dream.

How often do you train?

Keeping the training up is very important, so I try to spend as much time as possible playing.

What is your aim for the year ahead?

I will be putting in solid practice, solid focus, and solid dedication. I am very competitive man and want to beat that class of player in the arena not just on the practice tables.

I am looking for a sponsor to move forward, so I can dedicate all my time to playing. Lifting any of the professional titles would mean a lot to me.

I am looking to practice hard and enter the Pios Tour, in Prestatyn held every 6 weeks starting from August. If I win, then I will qualify for the Main tour, also at Prestatyn, which takes place every 8 weeks.
  Joseph Rhone and Michaella Tapp
By working hard, believing in myself and dedicating all my time to achieving my personal best every time. At the end of the day it is the World title weíre talking about. I train with my friend Colin and we have several sessions a week, Snooker sessions that is!

I would also be the first Black world champion but that doesnít matter because it isnít about colour. Colour is only on the front of your skin it is what you feel in your heart, mind and soul that matters. Somebody once said to me that I could do amazing things for people if I became champion, and that really appealed to me.

What advise would you give to a young snooker player trying to go professional?

Belief Concentration a good technique, strong support and even more belief. Players need good pointing skills, good safety skills and must be ruthless. I am always trying to improve on every single shot, leaving my opponent with nothing to go for.

How do you turn a game around when things are going wrong?

I stop and have to listen to myself. Then have to calm down and get back to basics. Take a good solid stance. Walk straight to the Shot, have a decent bridge. It is important to and if youíre not sure get back up walk round the table and take a breather.

Where can people go to see you play?

I play at Willie Thorns snooker centre in Leicester , and take part in the monthly tournament. Every Friday I am coached by Brian Cakebread, who also coaches Steve Mcguire and Shaun Murphy. Otherwise I can be found practicing at the Palace snooker Centre in Wellingborough.

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Joseph Rhone and Terry Griffiths
Joseph Rhone and Mike Hallett
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Friday 18th April 2014
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