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Hair Wig Go Again! Beyonce gets caught out


If like me you read the Metro newspaper (c'mon, it's free!) you may have come across the unflattering pictures of Beyonce’s lace-front wig when she turned up to the premier of her new movie, Dreamgirls.
Syrita Spearring
The usually flawless beauty seemed to fall victim to a 'hair malfunction' and a layer of thin mesh was clearly visible on her forehead and where her hairline should be. 'What the hell is that?' you probably thought. There was a collective gasp of horror on the London Underground, and I just sighed as the realisation sunk in, that the Metro had 'got her'. The lace-front was out for all to see. Maybe B's hairdresser was having a day off but this was one photo I wish had never been printed. So what is a lace-front wig?

Favoured by the likes of Tyra Banks, rap artist Trina & popstrel Gwen Stefani, lace-front wigs were one of the best kept secrets in showbiz. Costing from £400 a wig, these hairpieces give the impression the hair is growing straight out of the head and can be hard to distinguish from real hair. The front of the wig is made of ultra thin Swiss lace and is usually cut to match the wearer’s hairline, then stuck with an adhesive around the head, giving a free-flowing mane that can be styled in any way.

Remember how we looked on in awe, at the ‘Crazy in Love’ video when Beyonce gyrated in-front of a giant fan with her backing dancers, throwing her tresses about like she was in a Timotei ad? Her hair looked fabulicious and we all secretly wondered ‘How does she do it?’ Well now you know. Thanks to the Metro, the secret is out.

It’s the kind of exposure that a superstar doesn’t need, but I can empathise with Beyonce because like many women out there, I too know have had the embarrassment of a public hair malfunction. I remember when I was at school in 90’s (showing my age here) when the girl group Jade were topping the charts. You remember: “Don’t walk away, boy! My love won’t hurt you”… well, they are to blame for the 10yrs of therapy it has taken me to get over this traumatic incident: I loved their big chunky braids so much, I begged my mother to allow me to have the same extensions when I was about 11. So, one morning I was at the bus stop minding my own business waiting for a 49. When the bus came, I was tapped on the shoulder by a young, handsome man, “You dropped something,” and in his hand was one of my chunky braids that had slipped out. I will never forget -it was like a giant black millipede, lying in his palm. I shudder at the memory.

So yes, the secret is out, but we’ve all been there girls and Beyonce’s a trouper when it comes to glamorous big hair, she’s been rocking those larger than life wigs from way back in the original Destiny’s Child days.

Just remember, you never heard it from me.


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Wednesday 16th April 2014
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