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Sleek Cosmetics

Sleek Cosmetics

Taniqua Bennett, International Marketing Manager for Sleek Cosmetics talks about the All New Cosmetics Range from Sleek…
  Taniqua Bennett

You’re looking gorgeous, what make up are you wearing or do I even need to ask?

(laughter) Sleek of course! - The All New Cosmetic Range. I am wearing our Perfect Match Stick Foundation in shade Terracotta, Translucent Pressed Powder in Medium, Our Sheer Cover Multi Blush in Rust, High Shine Lip Gloss in Magic Strawberry, Eye shadow in Azure, Magnitude Mascara and Brown Kohl… phew, this is what takes for a girl to look good…

It seems like forever just how long exactly has Sleek been around?

Sleek was actually originally started in 1983... when I was 2!! But officially the company has been around since 1989. Although we have 4 international offices, Sleek was actually started in East London, and we still have our HQ there today –it’s a British Brand.

How different is the brand now from what it was then?

Wow... so different! I remember my mother wearing Sleek lipsticks when I was growing up, in fact she’s still wearing them today, the only difference is now so am I! The Sleek brand of today is a totally different brand than it was yesterday as you can see, everything is new from the products and packaging to the overall brand image… it’s all new.

How long have you been with Sleek and what part did you play in the ‘New Cosmetic Brand’?

Well the Sleek brand has such a long-standing heritage in the community that it was a honour for me to work on re-launching the brand, I began working for Sleek two years ago, As a Marketer and a Cosmetic Scientist I brought my expertise to what was already an established brand and the two together just seemed to click, since then we have improved/re-launched the entire product portfolio which is now beginning to be seen in retail outlets.

Sleek recently exhibited at the Afro Hair and Beauty Show where you made quite an impact, on reflection how did the show go for you?

It was great for the entire team that has been working on the ‘new’ brand to finally receive feedback firsthand, the response was amazing both from trade customers and end-users, we had Makosi come down and support us and overall it was a great success.

As a 25 year old woman of colour, how does the Sleek brand meet your needs?
It was great for the entire team that has been working on the ‘new’ brand to finally receive feedback firsthand, the response was amazing both from trade customers and end-users, we had Makosi come down and support us and overall it was a great success.
  Taniqua Bennett
Our motto is ‘find your perfect match’ and our Team of Cosmetic chemists (including myself) have worked hard to develop products that match the skin shades and undertones of women of colour, whether it’s a foundation or an eye-shadow, if we have developed it, it is guaranteed to suit you!

What direction is the new Sleek brand going in?

Firstly Sleek will still maintain it’s mass-market price point, we believe in offering our customers, great products and modern packaging at an affordable price; secondly, we would like to offer our customers the opportunity of purchasing our products in all areas of the UK and not only when they are going to buy their hair products, my goal is for customers to buy our products in major retail outlets such as Superdrugs and Boots, I am working on it as we speak so watch this space!

So tell us about your new website?

We had more than a quarter of a million hits on our website in the first quarter and figures are rising…why don’t you check it out and let me know what you think, all I can say is that it is ‘fierce’!

So what’s Lined up for Sleek Cosmetics in the future?

Sleek cosmetics has a new face and it is a beautiful and modern one; as a company, we are expanding and looking for new market opportunities, hence the development of a skincare range that should launch next year. Also look out for Sleek Cosmetics in a mainstream retail outlet near you in the future!!!

Any interesting promotional activity coming up?

Well...Sleek has teamed up with the MOBO organisation to take part in the run up to the MOBO’s ceremony promotional week at London’s Oxford Circus, Top Shop and HMV to be exact, we have also launched our face of Sleek competition on the website, and much much more, please visit the website to keep updated.

What advice can you give to black women about make up?

Create a flawless base - wearing the right shade of foundation is key, never compromise with your base as this is the template for everything else… also ladies please please experiment with colour!! Sleek has some great eye-shadow and blusher shades, darker skin absorbs colour, I guarantee you that if you try our products you will find your perfect match.

To find out more about visit www.sleek.co.uk and you will find a portal that will give you all the information you require!

This is an abridged version the article first pubished in Diamond Touch Magazine*
Sleek Cosmetics

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Friday 18th April 2014
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