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Looking after your equipment will will help keep it working for you for many years With the right care, your professional turntables should last for years. This maintenance is based on the industry standard Technics SL1200 series but is equally applicable to most turntables of a similar genre....
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REMEMBER: always unplug your turntable from the socket. It's advisable To remove the RCA and ground wire from the mixer/preamp, lock the tonearm down, and remove the headshell.

Here is a list of cleaning tools to help you maintain your turntables;

1 - Micro-fiber cloth, or similar soft, non-abrasive cloth (no paper towels). 2 - A gentle, non-abrasive surface cleaner (Glass-Plus, a mild solution of alcohol and water, 50/50 solution of water and hydrogen peroxide, etc.). 3 - Contact cleaner. (Caig Deox-It or Pro-Gold is ideal, but record cleaning solution will work ok. No RadioShack.) 4 - Lubricant (bearing oil or sewing machine oil). 5 - Professional grade screwdrivers. 6 - A circle spirit level. 7 - A can of air duster. 8 - Some q-tips.


Start by blowing the dust off the top of the deck with an air duster. Wipe all surfaces down with the non-abrasive cleaner and non-abrasive cloth
Blow the dust and debris off the slipmat. You may also want to use a Vacuum to suck dust out of the slipmat, but be gentle and use a brush attachment.

Then take a slightly moist micro-fiber cloth and wipe off the slipmat. Wipe lightly from the center towards the edge, turning the mat after every stroke.

Take the slipmat off the platter and wipe down the platter, again wiping from the spindle to the outside edge. Also wipe down the strobe pattern along the outside of the platter. If the strobe pattern is really dirty, use non-abrasive surface cleaner and q-tips. Be patient, and change q-tips frequently.

Pull the platter off the turntable; be sure that the plug is pulled from The wall. Before lifting the platter, turn the deck on and off to be absolutely sure there is no power. If the motor is started without the platter, the motor will be destroyed.

To take the platter off, slip your fingers into the two holes on the Platter and pull straight up, taking care not to disturb the magnet that is Under the platter. Place the platter aside, top down, in a safe place.

Take the air duster and blow the dust and debris off the sub-platter. Take special care to blow everything out of the motor well.

Oil the spindle bearing. Use a needle to place a drop of oil at the base Of the spindle. Expose the base of the spindle by pulling it up, and then Work the oil in by gently turning and lifting the spindle up and down.

Place the platter back onto the deck. Again, be careful not to knock the magnet.

Unscrew the tonearm counterweight and put it aside. Use the air duster To clear off the tonearm base and wipe it down. Use a q-tip to clean the smaller areas. Wipe down the tonearm, both in front of and behind the pivot

Lightly oil the top of the rear of the tonearm and screw the counterweight back on

Clean the contacts inside the tonearm/headshell connection, and on the headshell itself. Caig Deox-It pen, spray, or drops work well. Caig Pro-Gold also works well. In a pinch, record-cleaning solution (water, alcohol, and detergent) will work. If you are having trouble with a headshell connection, NEVER lick the contacts. If you have an Ortofon Concorde cartridge, cleaning the headshell and tonearm contacts can Solve most connection problems. An Ortofon representative has recommended Cleaning Concorde connections with WD-40; I do not own any Ortofon carts and have not tried this.

Clean the RCA cable connectors in the same manner as the headshell and tonearm connections. You may wish to clean the RCA jacks on the mixer as well.

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Thursday 24th April 2014
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