Types of Wigs


Wigs are perfect for creating your ultimate style, and allows wearers to be daring with no long term effects. The term used to describe any hairpiece with a full cap which covers the hair on the head, or the entire area where hair normally grows, as a substitute for hair. The purpose of a wig is to create your ideal look.

There are so many different types of wigs on the market today, to mention a few:

Lace Wigs

Lace wigs are crafted to maximize breath-ability as well as added comfort. The special transitional density of the front hairline is done to replicate the natural pattern of growing hair and natural partings are possible throughout the entire wig. Things to consider is that these wigs tend to be more delicate compared to other bases, so the wearer must be ready to repair the base within a year depending on usage. Fitting a lace wig means gluing it around the entire perimeter for a natural look, which could be time consuming for daily wearers, but will not be an issue if you wear these wigs for extended periods of time.

Synthetic Wig

A well-crafted machine made synthetic wig looks like your own hair and offers comfort, like a vented cap, usually at a reasonable price, depending on the brand it can even out perform some human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are durable and can be matched to your own hair colour and desired cut. Many women favour synthetic wigs, since they are easier to maintain, hold their set longer, dry faster after washing, and are far less expensive than ‘real hair’ wigs. One disadvantage to synthetic wigs is they tend not to last very long. Most will last anywhere from 3 to 6 months- then they need to be replaced due to the fibers wearing down. The shorter wig styles will have a longer life span, compared to the longer wig styles. In addition synthetic fiber wigs cannot be exposed to any heat source, such as dryers and curling irons as they tend to frizz or singe to high heat exposure. Once this happens these wigs cannot be repaired.

Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs are durable and can be matched to your own hair colour and desired cut. They’re also popular due to their natural feel and versatility and they can be managed like your own hair, using heat appliances that would normally melt a synthetic wig.

Human hair types vary from rough (lower-end quality) to almost silky-soft (higher-end quality). Grade A human hair wigs (not Grade B, which are less resilient) can even be re-dyed or permed. 100% Remy human hair wigs are wonderful high-quality wigs as well. Remy human hair is the complete hair strand, including the cuticle that has not been weakened by “stripping” (a process used by most companies to force unnatural hair direction).

Human hair wigs require more maintenance and are more expensive, but for a reason they look and feel the closest to natural hair and last much longer than synthetic wigs, so may save you money in the long run.

Monofilament Wigs

High-quality, monofilament wigs (with wefted back and side) construction gives the appearance that the hair is actually growing from the scalp. The monofilament material allows the wig to be parted in any direction. It also allows for comfort and excellent ventilation. This helps to prevent irritation and itchiness. It will “Breathe” while being worn, thereby preventing heat and moisture build up.

Monofilament is considered to be one of the most desirable of wig types. Most women, especially those who wear wigs every day, feel its superior ‘wear-a-bility’ and natural look more than justify the additional cost. Most women going through chemo-therapy will opt for these monofilament wig caps (medical wigs) – due to the added comfort & security.

Hand-Tied Wigs

Top-of-the-line, Hand-Tied wigs are the most natural looking, they incorporate this monofilament material which is used all throughout the entire wig cap for a completely natural looking scalp appearance. There are no ‘wefts’ in these hand-tied caps. With these types of caps, only a natural scalp appearance will be shown throughout the cap, (i.e.), if a brisk wind should blow your wig, and separate the hairs, it would only show a natural scalp appearance underneath vs. showing the wefts.

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