Black-Bright Community Services

About Blackbright Community Services

Black-Bright Community Services (BBCS) is an Out of Hours Social Enterprise that caters for disempowered and vulnerable Black-Britons.

However, regardless of our origin, background, beliefs, values, culture and experiences, everyone deserves to feel acknowledged, be treated fairly and have their rights and choices respected. BBCS accepts that within a diverse community, there will be differences that create misunderstanding.

People tend to mistrust those who they do not understand, and individuals who are misunderstood can feel vulnerable, which increases their exposure to abuse. In partnership with Black- Bright News, BBCS aim to redress misunderstandings and misinformation by minimising differences and highlighting similarities, so that individuals in vulnerable states can feel empowered by the information they receive.

Readers can also access counselling and advisory services through BBCS, which is a safe haven where they can discuss their fears, challenges or concerns, or can be offered outreach services and signposted to someone else who can help.

Black-Bright News is aware that to reduce stress, confusion and vulnerability in Black Britons, it needs to raise awareness of issues that affect the disenfranchised, disadvantaged, misinformed and mis-educated. Black-Bright News uses a bespoke approach to empowerment that encourages wellbeing, self-efficacy motivational strategies and service learning to remove psychological roadblocks.

Disaffected Black Britons can then develop a healthier framework of understanding, so as to feel in better control of their lives and circumstances.

BBCS, and Black-Bright News is owned and Founded by Myrna Loy who is of Jamaican Heritage.

Black-Bright Community Services Contact Details
Address:Studio 57 Saywell Road Luton LU2 0QG
☎ 01582 721 605

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