Croydon African Caribbean Family Organisation

About Croydon African Caribbean Family Organisation

Croydon African Caribbean Family Organisation (CACFO) “is a registered charity working for the benefit of the African and African Caribbean families prosperity; developing Education and Welfare needs in the London Borough of Croydon, but not exclusively”

Activities and Services

Golden Age Luncheon Club Serving hot lunches daily. You be able to taste those forgotten authentic Caribbean dishes and deserts. Afterwards just relax and enjoy a pleasant conversation with your table neighbour, play a game of dominos or just simply absorb the moment.
The luncheon club opens daily from 10am – 4pm monday – friday

The CACFO education project helps children / families whom is suspended from school, or is not doing so well, but would like some help with their situation to improve their education, skills and relationship in their own environment.

CACFO provides advices on the following:
Education and Training, Housing, Employment Issues, Mental Issues, Counseling, Personal Development, Domestic Violence, Elderly Support, Racial Harassment, Homelessness, Matrimonial Problems – Surgery hours: 10am – 5pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Croydon African Caribbean Family Organisation Contact Details
Address: 40 Northwood Rd Thornton Heath Croydon CR7 8HQ
Telephone: 020 8771 9700

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