Dominica Overseas Nationals Association

About Dominica Overseas Nationals Association

The Dominica Overseas Nationals Association (DONA) in conjunction with its Aid Dominica Development Trust was set up in June 1978 and is a Registered Charitable Organisation with the Charitiy Commission for England and Wales, Number 279643.

The association was established only fourteen months when on Wednesday, 29th August 1979, Dominica suffered at the hands of Hurricane David which destroyed everything in its path, thereby causing total devastation to the Nature Island.

In responding to the severe situation Dominica found itself in post Hurricane David, DONA rapidly managed to gather practical and professional resources for immediate dispatch to Dominica – it was these same resources that went some way in assisting and relieving many communities in Dominica. Our involvement opened up a wave of requests for donations that are still ongoing. We have been able to concentrate on medical supplies, education materials for schools, youth and the infirm.

DONA has, over the years, turned some of its attention to the issues faced by the Caribbean community generally in the United Kingdom. Whilst still complying with its Objectives DONA has sought, through various activities, to bring younger and older members of the community together in an effort to share, enhance and embrace a sense of identity, cultural and family values.

Dominica Overseas Nationals Association Contact Details
Address: 11 Nemoure Road Acton London W3 6NZ
☎ 020 8992 0142

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