Facilitators for a Better Jamaica

About Facilitators for a Better Jamaica

Facilitators for a Better Jamaica (FFBJ) is a think tank and lobbying group established to speak on behalf of Jamaica and the interest of Jamaicans in the United Kingdom and around the world where Jamaicans reside.

FFBJ began in 2003 as a pressure and lobby group. This group is the first think tank and lobby group of its kind recognising the urgent need for a strong and entirely independent voice for Jamaicans outside of Jamaica. The members are motivated by the need to ensure Jamaicans are accorded full civil liberties.

The membership is made up of experienced and passionate individuals whose desire is about effective change in Jamaica and the countries they reside. The head office is based in the United Kingdom, but has offices in Jamaica and the United States. We are currently in consultation to further set up affiliates in Africa, Canada and the Caribbean.

FFBJ individuals may or may not be affiliated with political parties or other interest groups. They are however, inspired by one purpose and that is to unite all Jamaicans around the world. Jamaicans have made a considerable contribution to the development of the free world. FFBJ will ensure they continue to be involved in the process of global development.


Through effective research and constructive dialogue with Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica, FFBJ makes a difference by proposing innovative, practical and constructive solutions to the various challenges facing Jamaica. FFBJ believes the root, as well as the symptoms, of the problems must be tackled in a fair and transparent way. FFBJ will quicken the pace of change by using our platform to influence public policy.

So far FFBJ has identified and contributed to and is still contributing to the debates on the following issues including and not limited to:

1. Sugar Reform – Modernization within the industry and support from the EU.
2. Reggae and Dancehall Music Culture acceptance by the wider community that Reggae Music is inspirational and Educational and not divisive.
3. Immigration – Protection of Civil Liberties
4. Overseas Students – protection, guidance and mentoring.
5. Crime – Supporting the war on terror (against all aspects of terrorism)
6. Illegal immigrants – Amnesty and representation.
7. Discrimination – provide knowledge and effective use of the various Discrimination Acts.
8. Finance – awareness of financial clout and leverage.
9. Political Representation – supporting the involvement of participation in politics.

It is very evident and clear in the United Kingdom at present that the Jamaican Community whose National Motto is ‘Out of many one people’ has many leaders. What is not evident is effective leadership. To demonstrate such leadership key criteria’s must be transparency, accountability and being in touch with all levels, rich or poor, educated or not.

Activities include

1. Outreach to key Jamaican Communities in order to establish deep and sustainable dialogue with fellow Jamaicans within the United Kingdom.

2. Monthly / Bi-Monthly Jamaican and Friends of Jamaica Networking Event.

3. Annual fundraising events.

4. Television and Media Outreach.

5. Mentoring programmes.

Facilitators for a Better Jamaica Contact Details
Address: P.O. Box 50075 London SE6 9BF


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