Friends of Mikey Powell Campaign

About The Friends of Mikey Powell Campaign

The Friends of Mikey Powell Campaign was established by friends and family of Michael Lloyd Powell (aka Mikey), a cousin of the renowned poet and writer, Benjamin Zephaniah, following his death whilst in police custody. Mikey was 38 years old and a father of three young children.

This is what happened. On 7 Sep 2003, police officers drove a car at Mikey hitting him, beat him with batons, CS gassed him, restrained him and, knowing he was injured, drove him to a police station not a hospital. At the police station the police officers did not call for an ambulance for over 4 minutes. By the time it arrived, Mikey was dead.

The Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice shows solidarity with other families that have lost loved ones within police, penal and mental institutions across the country.

Please visit the website or contact for more information.

Friends of Mikey Powell Campaign Contact Details
Address: 110 Station Road Kings Heath Birmingham B14 7SR
☎ 0843 289 8535

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