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About MBMB Association

Menm Biten Menm Bagay association commonly known as MBMB, Bringing Creole Communities Together, a voluntary organisation created in 1998 in London with the aim to:

Assist the French Caribbean and all Creole communities living in the U.K.

Share the Creole culture with other ethnic communities.
Support charitable projects in line with our core values through fundraising.

Creole cultures are a vibrant mix of African heritage with European influences. The Creole world is spread between 3 main regions: the Caribbean, North and South America, and the coast of Africa by the Indian Ocean region.

With an estimated 800,000 people from these regions living in the UK, the Creole communities contribute dynamically to the UK’s diversity.

The Association comprises and supports members from the French speaking West-Indies (Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Barthelemy, and St Martin), other French-speaking countries like (Guyana, Reunion) as well as people from related cultures (Dominica, St Lucia, Haiti, Nouvelle Caledonia, Tahiti, Louisiana, Seychelles, Mauritius, Cuba, Cape Verde, Montserrat, Trinidad & Tobago, Africa…)

MBMB is open to everyone who has an interest in the Creole Culture

MBMB is preparing its annual Kreole Day kick starting the black history month
The Kreyol Day 2009 will take place on:
27th September 2009 at the Conway Hall in Holborn WC.
12 till 10pm
The MBMB Kréyol Day is a great family event informing, informing and promoting solidarity amongst Creole communities in the UK.
Live music, food stalls, arts & Craft, conferences, dance workshops and more
MBMB strives to strengthen bonds between the different communities in London and help facilitate their integration.

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