Another Level Hair Studio

About Another Level Hair Studio

Another Level is a unisex hair salon offering the best in hair styles and advice for male and female clientele, providing a 1st class service for both European and Afro Caribbean hair.

Through experience Another Level quickly realised that a high volumes of men suffer from shaving bumps but were unable to find anything in the UK that could help. Another Level researched into what people in the Caribbean and USA used and returned with a product called Tendskin.

Tendskin has been a groundbreaking product in the UK with people travelling from as far a Birmingham to purchase it. Another Level uses purely American equipment on the male client’s hair and also supplies American barbering equipment such as Andis clipper, blades and wires.

A representative from Another Level spent a long time in the USA looking for the best affordable hair for their female clients and came back with “Outre Premium New Yaki”. This is a well respected and top selling product in the USA.

The response Another Level has received in the UK has been great as client have noticed the difference in quality. Another Level currently the only supplier of this in the UK.

Contact Another Level Hair Studio

Address: 77 West Ham Lane, Stratford, London E15 4PH
Telephone: 020 8519 4760