5 Disciplines of Carnival

5 Disciplines Carnival

Learn about the elements that make Carnival

While many people see carnival as a mass of colour and spontaneous partying, there are 5 disciplines of Carnival that make it the amazing spectacle it has become.

The ‘Five Disciplines of Carnival’ are:
Mas Steel Pan Calypso Soca SoundSystems

Mas or Masquerade

‘Playing Mas’ is where Carnival lovers can take part and be part of the processions and floats, wearing the ‘Mas’ Costume from thier favourite band.

Steel Pan

The Steel Pan is a Traditional Trinidadian instrument which is either static, or worn around the neck, from Trinidad


Calypso is Traditional Trinidadian political and satirical commentary set to music. You can catch your favourite Calypsonian at the London Calypso Tent


High energy Trinidadian carnival music. ‘Soca On The Move’ refers to the soca music being played for the masqueraders costume bands also known as ‘Carnival Mas Band’


Originally from Jamaica, playing hip hop, rnb, reggae, roots and culture calypso, soca music.

Together they create the essence and spirit of Carnival.

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