Derby Carnival

Date: July 16 2016 - July 17 2016

About Derby Caribbean Carnival

Derby Caribbean Carnival is a 2 day event which takes place every year in July in various locations all around the city of Derby. It is organised by the Derby West Indian Community Association (DWICA) and has been growing in popularity and size since the first carnival back in 1975.

The idea of Derby Caribbean Carnival is to bring a taste of the Caribbean to the city of Derby through live music, processions, food and craft stalls and general entertainment indigenous to the Caribbean and the West Indies. The carnival also aims to discover and showcase new talent from the Black Arts, half of whom are local to the city of Derby and surrounding areas.

Flamboyant local costume is prevalent throughout the carnival with vivid colours of reds, blues, greens and golds, synonymous with the various flags of Caribbean countries, bringing a warm and vibrant glow to the event.

Derby Caribbean Carnival (Family Day – Osmaston Park) Sunday

Saturday 16th July 2016 (Procession Day) and Sunday 17th July 2016

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Date: July 16 2016 - July 17 2016