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About Beeraahaar Sweet Combination

Hackney’s first all female Soca Dance Troupe; a mother organisation birthing 5 other Mas bands in the UK through intensive artistic training and supportive signposting.

Beeraahaar Sweet Combination (founding members and Mas construction artists have showcased at the following venues: Notting Hill Carnival, Olympia Showcases, Alexandra Palace Showcases, Millennium Dome, The Royal Opera House, Doha, Qatar, Derry Ireland, Wembley Arena, spearheading the Tottenham Carnival, Hackney Council Ceremonies, Hackney Mare de Gras, Norwich Carnival, Kingston Surrey, Guyana Mashramani, Spalding Festival, Good wood Park, Margate, Victoria & Albert Museum, Bristol/Trinidad & Tobago/The Queens Golden Jubilee, The Queen Mother 100th Birthday/Horse Guards Parade /Pall Mall.

Beeraahaar Sweet Combination have embraced & supported ethnically diverse cultural groups to join and participate at Notting Hill Carnival. These are namely Obalende Nigerian group, China Arts, Shano Kurdish Arts and Dhol Drummers Academy, bringing African, Chinese, Kurdish and Indian traditional music and dancing fused into Soca music to the International Carnival arena in London.

The Carnival Band is supported by NHMBA; The NCBA of Trinidad & Tobago and funded by Arts Council England & The Jack Petchey Foundation, have a strong children and adult band fostering respect and dignity through the promotion of our Caribbean cultural heritage. We are a full costumed masquerade group performing Traditional Caribbean Carnival presentations on the streets for the last eighteen years.

DIS IS WE TING surpassing community cohesion into CULTURAL FUSION.

Notting Hill Carnival 2016 Theme – Celestial Enterprise

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Launched in 1993
Band Leader – Christina Oree & David Grant
Band Type – Adult & Children

Carnival themes
1994 – Guyana Gold
1995 – Beauty of the Tropics
1996 – Heat wave
1997 – Invaders of the Earth
1998 – Windrush
1999 – All Things Bright and Beautiful
2000 – Y2K Celebration
2001 – Culture Shock Revellers
2002 – Blazing the Trail from Dusk ’til Dawn
2003 – Reign with Fire – FLAMES OF GLORY
2004 – Myth and Reality – PHOENIX RISING
2005 – Caribbean Delights
2006 – The Mix In 06 – Colours Of The Caribbean And African Diaspora
2007 – From De Cane Fields To Crystal Glasses And Streets Paved With Gold
2008 – Tutti Frutti Sweeties
2009 – Sun Na Bun Meh Rain Na Wet We Kreditkrunch Lik We
2010 – Birds Of A Feather Will Flock Together Afrocaribasian Jump Up
2011 – From The 4 Corners Of Heaven And Earth
2012 – Lights of the Universe- A Royal Legacy
2013 – Snake in D Balize
2014 – Skills Dat Excite Your Admiration / Soca Bag Pipes & Roses
2015 – Splendour of D. Nations (coming 1st Best Fun and Fantasy Band)
Awards. Numerous (57 to date) from the UK to Guyana

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