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About Flamboyan Carnival band

Flamboyan Carnival band has been established since 1986. The band come from a French Colonial tradition and have approximately 80 members. Flamboyan Carnival band is the only black owned and run organisation for carnival with its own premises.

Members are encouraged to become involved in the making of the costumes and running of workshops, run outside of the carnival period, when many people join in the process of making costumes, doing make-up, sewing, wrapping structures, making templates etc.

The organisation is well known locally, as they also run a sports section; running after school clubs, summer projects including Carnival projects in local schools.

People of all ages and abilities are welcome to become involved, and for those who cannot come to the premises – the project is taken to them.

The Flamboyan band has about 300 members, and is strongly influenced by the Trinidadian Carnival tradition. Over the years it has drawn a huge audience and attracts local legends like nu-soul singer Omar, who keep this tradition alive.

Luther Oscar “Larry” Forde July 24, 1931 – May 13, 2012 online memorial

‘There was born a sense of play and carnival was the answer!’ said Flamboyan co-founder and carnival legend Larry Ford.

‘Each year we return to Trinidad for its all inclusive Carnival Party. And we bring that tradition back to the streets of London.’

Notting Hill Carnival is the largest in Europe. In the Caribbean tradition, families, friends and neighbourhoods join Mas Camps where costumes and performances are meticulously designed and rehearsed before the band takes the road to party. There is intense organisation and planning. At Flamboyan, all sorts of people are involved throughout the year. Not all go on the road with the band – some enjoy making and designing costumes for other people to wear. Based in Fernhead Road, Flamboyan attracts participants from many different cultures.

John Phillips who photographed Carnival Flamboyan says “Carnival naturally attracts photographers. But standing behind the fence they fail to capture its spirit. This exhibition is a series of photographs of one band and its experience over two days on the road. Its images are from the perspective of the players themselves.”

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Tel : 02035322146 / 07739657738

For information on Mas costume prices or to get involved please contact Flamboyan Carnival band directly

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