Soca Saga Boys

Soca Saga Boys

Soca Saga Boys was formed in 1990 by its founding member Saga Boy Tony Cumberbatch (RIP). Tony’s vision was not only to promote Soca & Calypso in the UK, but also to take it to new audiences around the country and the world. Our aim is to let the whole world experience the energy, vibe and passion that is Soca.

Soca Saga Boys are known for bringing a fun and vibrant atmosphere every time they come out to fete. We are much more than just a few DJs, we are a tight family united in Soca, working together to spread our Caribbean Carnival Culture.

Soca Saga Boys play clubs, fetes, venues and carnivals around the world, leaving a little taste of the Caribbean every were we travel. If that wasn’t enough Soca Saga Boys are also a Mas band who have been fortunate to play Mas in carnivals both in the UK and abroad.

Despite the fact that the Mas band part of Soca Saga Boys has played Mas all over the world, 2008 was the first time we played Mas in our own right at London Notting Hill Carnival. This might seem strange but the fact is for over 20 years Soca Saga Boys have been partnered with other Mas Bands during Notting Hill Carnival and as a result this has meant that our Mas section took a back seat.

Notting Hill Carnival 2016 Theme – 50 Shades of Paradise

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