Omari Banks

About Omari Banks

Since he burst onto the international cricket scene in 2003, Omari Banks has been Anguilla’s unofficial ambassador. Even as he toured the world as a member of the West Indies Cricket Team, his trademark guitar was ever present.

Since 2011, Omari has focused his immense talents on becoming the best artist that he can be and the results have been extraordinary. Four singles from Omari’s debut album, Move On (Deluxe Edition), have reached #1 on various international reggae charts.

“Unafraid” was the #1 Caribbean Music Video for 2013, remaining in the Top 10 Video Charts for 17 weeks.
“Jehovah Message” spent 8 weeks in the Top 10 Video Charts in 2014.
In 2015, “No Point To Prove” reached #1 as the top reggae song in the world according to the authoritative Ron Muschette World Reggae Charts.
In Germany, “No Point To Prove” has achieved heavy rotation on more than 60 radio stations and has peaked in the Top 20 in the Pop Music Charts.

Omari’s international chart success is only a small part of his appeal to a diverse range of audiences. His large yet accessible persona has allowed him to connect with audiences in-person, on radio, and on television.

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