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In the town of Yallahs, in St Thomas, Jamaica, nested on the warm shores of the Caribbean Sea Anwar Owen Hanchard a.k.a. ‘Stevie Face’ was born. He has been a messenger indeed from the tender age of nine when he started singing in his church choir. It was decided at an early stage of his career that he would always strive to sing for the displaced families and children based on his own early childhood experiences. His first recording ‘Teach The Children’ became an overnight hit and every Jamaican child’s anthem, and its lyrics epitomized the concerns of this dynamic young messenger.

This spawned the Vasco Carney produced debut album ‘Coming at you’ which was distributed in the USA by Ejanis Records. In preparing his debut album Stevie was privileged to work with some of the top musicians and producers in Reggae including Sly and Robbie, and Mikey Bennett.

After linking up with Arrows Records in 2001, Steve started focusing on singing primarily for the ladies and crooned his way into their hearts with the mega hit ‘I’m In Love’. This launched Stevie’s first top 10 hit, rapidly followed up by two other Arrows produced chart toppers ‘Oh happy day’ and ‘For your love’. With the overwhelming response to his debut album and his newly found chart dominance, Stevie was invited as the opening act for Sizzla’s 2002 USA tour. This led to numerous other dates across the USA and Canada.

After a unplanned 3 year hiatus from the business due to a car accident while on tour Stevie stepped back on the scene in 2006 with the street anthem ‘Poor feel it’ on the Purple Skunk label, followed by ‘Reasons’ on the Arrows label, proving that he still had what it takes, both songs brought back Stevie in the people’s hearts. However things really exploded with the Computer Paul produced mega hit ‘Tell it like it is’. This single has propelled Stevie to the top of the charts in several countries, kicking off in Jamaica with a spectacular 4 week run at #1 on The Jamaica music countdown, as well as the RETV’s chart, the RJR chart and the popular Stampede street charts. Almost like a domino effect the song climbed to the #1 position on several charts overseas including the Jamaican, South Florida and New York reggae charts simultaneously.

This wildfire continued blazing across the Atlantic with Stevie holding down the top spot on the BBC one extra reggae charts as well as several others in the UK. The effect of ‘tell it like it is’ has been far reaching as Italy and the Netherlands where it has also topped several popular reggae charts. The anticipation is high on this ‘Tell it like it is’ album produced by the multi-platinum awarded ‘Computer Paul’ Henton, as well as supporting singles from other top Jamaican producers. It also features collaborations from some very talented young artists, MBC, Teflon and ‘Rising star’ Noddy Virtue as Stevie sincerely believes in encouraging and supporting young talent, and from early indications ‘di album sell off’

Hot on the heels of his spectacular performance at Sting 2008 Stevie kicked off 2009 with his follow-up smash hit titled ‘I wanna wake up with you’ this single also topped several charts worldwide prompting early appearances in the USA and England where the anticipation for his songs was at a fever pitch.

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