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The Awesome Jam Band from Rock City St. Thomas has done it again! Having last year produced a smashing album with the internationally acclaimed hit – Whole Mouth Ova d Hole, the band have produced an album for 2008 that takes you back to the days when band men actually cared about rythm, lyrics and sweet melody.

The Jam Band’s new offering for 2008 entitled, Jam Band 4 Life is a collection of 15 tracks that combine both jumpy and hard party tunes with groovier and melodic tracks.

With the charismatic Nick ‘Daddy’ Friday having passed away two years ago, many thought the band would have not lived up to the reputation that it had garnered over the past 25 years. However, the Jam Band is a band that has had a penchant for re-inventing itself over the years and the band members have kept the legacy and the vibe alive remaining true to the Jam Band spirit and style!

Tracks on the new album that stand out are the up-tempo tracks such as Jam Band 4 Life as the album is duly named. Other tracks are Show me Your ID, Bruck Way, and Because Of You. Rock City is a huge hit on the album and this one will go down as a huge party rocker when spun by DJ’s! On the slow jam side, Teaser is sure to be floor filler, alongside Dung Tung & For Love.

Tony Prescott of Trinidad & Tobago’s Xtatic band makes a guest appearance on the album, with a smooth up-tempo track called Do as I Do. Prescott’s appearance on the album is a testament to the Jam Band’s international recognition and versatility.

Seeing the Awesome Jam Band perform live is spectacle that many are fascinated by. The Jam Band is the only band in the Caribbean to have won the coveted Road March title in the Virgin Island’s yearly carnival celebrations a whopping 21 times – this feat is surely re-enforced with the new album for 2008 – Jam Band 4 Life. You only have to listen to the album to experience the thrill!

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