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Born and raised in Port of Spain, Trinidad, ‘Triniboi Joocie’ also known as Rodell Sorzano, is an up and coming UK Soca artist, songwriter, musician and producer. He is known for his energetic and vibrant performances. The nature of his music is versatile which has allowed him to perform at a variety of different events. These include Got skills talent competition, Leicester Carnival, Manchester Carnival, Bristol Carnival, Poetry in Motion (Embankment) and many more. You can also look out for him this year at Nottinghill Carnival performing at the Soca Monarch competition as well as on the road, competing for the first UK Road March title.

Growing up in Trinidad, Triniboi Joocie was exposed to a lot of culture, a part of this culture was where he found the passion for music. This passion was then natured through his interest for the Steelpan musical instrument, as he found the relationship between melody and phrasing very fascinating.

In 1998, he had his first major breakthrough when performing with Wayne Rodriguez at a concert in Tobago. From this he was given the opportunity to come to London and play with one of the UK’s most well known steel bands Ebony Steel Band. Being an integral part of Ebony Steel Band he has had the opportunity to perform at several venues around the world, including Cannes France.

During the early months of 2006, TB Joocie creeped into the scene, with his first track Easy Fame, a track known and loved locally for its complex yet positive lyrics, preparing the industry for the unique Triniboi Joocie style of soca music. Working with artists such as Olatunji Yearwood and others, TB Joocie started to develop his authentic and sharp writing approach, creating a slick image for himself. The strength in this has proven to have contributed to his success so far.

In 2009, he became more established with his second track It’s Time Recorded with Iron Fist Productions. It was his first to be professionally recorded and was performed alongside his follow up track Beast In Me (produced by Meshek Lockhart Munroe of Shek Productions) which he released during the summer of 2009. Beast In Me set TB Joocie apart from the rest of UK Soca Artists with it being played globally and became season best for 2009/2010.

This gave TB Joocie the motivation to continue to work hard and produce more tracks, which helped him to create his first album Within De Soca Mix in July 2010. The album has a blend of upbeat soca, as well as some groovy tracks to enjoy for all. The album is set to be a big success for 2010.

Music is not the only dream TB Joocie is chasing, in 2008 he was awarded a Performing Arts Scholarship to study at the well known De Montfort University in Leicester.

TB Joocie’s future looks bright and he aspires for his music to be known and recognised internationally for his work within the Soca music industry. He would also like to raise the awareness of Soca throughout Europe, and eventually bring it back to his homeland of Trinidad. He has already started on his next album set for release in 2011, so watch this space! In the words of Triniboi Joocie himself… OGEEED

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