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Barbuda Travel Guide

Barbuda is Antigua’s smaller sister island, which visitors arrive by ferry or propeller plane from Antigua to the tiny Codrington Airport. Beautiful and undeveloped the island is rustic, quiet and barely inhabited in comparison to Antigua. It is the ideal destination for those looking to completely get away from it all. There are no casinos nightclubs and shopping malls on the island the appeal is in the unspoilt laid back lifestyle.

Barbuda’s most popular attraction with nature lovers is the Frigate Bird Sanctuary located in the Codrington Lagoon on the North of the island. Other activities available include kayaking, snorkelling, diving or simply soaking up the sun on the famous pink and white sandy beaches.

There is a small population in the islands town Codrington and the rest of the island is home to an array of wildlife and beautiful stretches of deserted beach. Barbuda’s exquisite coastline is framed with long pink and white sand beaches protected by the surrounding barrier reefs. The pristine pink beaches of the south western side stretch almost ten miles, while along the more rugged Eastern beaches of the Atlantic coast nature lovers can enjoy long walks and abundant wildlife.

Exploring the caves of Barbuda is a popular way to spend an afternoon. There are huge caves at Two Foot Bay to explore and the Darby Caves sink hole, caves with ancient cave drawings and others that go underground, some extending up to a mile.

Visitors can experience some of the island’s history with a trip to the ruins of Highland House which once belonged to one of the Caribbean’s wealthiest sugar plantation owners, the Codrington family who controlled the island throughout the 1700s. It is located on Barbuda’s highest point and offers stunning views which haven’t changed for centuries.

Make sure you check on the opening times before visiting one of the two restaurants on the island, and there are also a few snack shops and a handful of bars and rum shops. You can always find some fresh seafood being cooked up or barbequed on the beach and plenty of Lobster available – which is eaten most days.

There are two hotels in Barbuda, both all inclusive, Coco Point Lodge, set in its own 164-acre peninsula and the Lighthouse Bay Resort Hotel on the west coast. Take a boat through the lagoon to North Beach, the ultimate remote Caribbean destination. North beach has just five beach cottages as is about as “off Grid” as you can get perfect for the traveller looking to totally relax and recharge.

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