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Dominica, set between Martinique and Guadeloupe is a natural paradise with virgin rain forests filled with rivers, waterfalls, lakes and natural hot sulphur springs. It’s tropical surroundings, volcanic waters, and high number of centenarians, bring the allure of health and vitality. Ma Pampo, one the islands most famous residents, was documented as being the oldest person in the world, at aged 128.

Carnival spirit comes to the island of Dominica each February and tourists as well as locals join together every year, to play music and dance in the streets. This is an excellent time of year to go and experience Caribbean Carnival culture in full swing.

Accommodation in Dominica varies, with options to suit all budgets. You can find amazing country style bungalow resorts set in the forests, and places offering the chance to get closer nature and enjoy the untouched landscape. Beautiful bays including Calibishe Bay, give stunning sunset scenes. Dominica has over 300 rivers, a boiling lake, the world’s last ocean rain forest, and endangered species of parrots.

Visitors can enjoy typical activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving, and even whale watching, however the beaches of black volcanic sand, play second fiddle to swimming in the rivers and springs dotted around the island. Dominica offers fantastic hiking around the volcanic, mountainous terrain, rafting and kayaking. The perfect adventure holiday.

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