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Guadeloupe is one of the smaller Caribbean islands, and a member of the French territory. Guadeloupe is part of the Lesser Antilles, about 322km (200 miles) north of Martinique. It actually comprises two different islands, separated by a narrow seawater channel known as the Rivière Salée. Grande-Terre, the eastern island, is full of rolling hills and sugar plantations. Basse-Terre, to the west, is a rugged mountainous island, dominated by the 1,440m (4,723-ft.) volcano, La Soufrière, which is still alive and dotted with banana plantations.

To the left, Grand-Terre – a flat land of chalky fields and perfect white beaches that resemble the island’s chief export: sugar. To the right – Basse-Terre, a mountainous forest region filled with volcanic peaks, waterfalls and hot springs. The city of Pointe-a-Pitre feels like the French Riviera, with skyscrapers standing alongside palm trees. On the other hand, at the Parc National on Basse-Terre the scenery is anything but man-made, including four-story waterfalls, thick, colorful flora and largely dormant volcanoes to be explored.

Guadeloupe offers tourists an array of water sports, water-skiing, sailing, windsurfing and parasailing, as well as being one of the top scuba diving sites in the world, in addition to hiking, bicycling and horse riding on the beach.

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