Flower Festivals of St Lucia

Flower Festivals of St Lucia

The beautiful island of St. Lucia has two flower festivals in held in August and October each year. The festivals which date back to the early 19th century, are hosted by the two societies La Rose and La Marguerite, both groups celebrating the European (Anglo-French) heritage of the island.

The festivals or fetes are steeped in tradition and meaning, each society has thier own patron saint and starts off with church services across the island followed by colourful processions through the streets. During the months leading up to the ‘Grand Fete’ there are months of singing pratices each evening known as ‘Seances’.

The Rose Festival is held each August in celebration of the Rose, with the event coinciding with the feast of St. Rose of Lima on the 30th August. Festival goers and tourists are treated to colourful street parades and entertainment.

The Feast of La Marguerite held every October the festival celebrates the daisy under the patron saint St. Margaret Mary Alacocque on 17th October. Locals celebrate with traditional French Creole folk music and song dressed as kings and queens and dancing the Belair, Quadrille and the Mappa.

If you are visiting St Lucia at other times of the year you can still experience St Lucia’s exquisite plant life at the Diamond Botanical Gardens in Soufriere.

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