Catch Bar

Catch Bar Chocolate

Ireland’s Favourite Chocolate Bar made in Trinidad

Soft Chewy Caramel, Covered in Crispies and Smothered in Real Milk Chocolate. The Catch Bar was first produced in Ireland in 1976, and after all these years, remains Ireland’s favourite confectionery snack.

Catch Bar in now manufactured in Trinidad, West Indies, from where it is exported throughout the World including the USA, Canada, Ireland, Taiwan and China.

We are delighted to announce that now you can experience the truly unique taste of ‘Catch Dark’ Soft creamy Caramel covered in Crispies and smothered in Smooth Rich Dark Chocolate.

Trinidadian Cacao is used to produce some of the best – tasting chocolate you can buy and Trinidadian Dark Chocolate is considered by many to be “the finest chocolate in the world.”

Catch Bars are currently available on-line at

CATCH BARS are distributed throughout Europe by:
[A wholly owned subsidiary of Associated Brands (Investments) Limited Trinidad]
PO Box 2846 DUBLIN 12 IRELAND +353 872495045