Morant Bay Is Rum On Ice For Christmas

Morant Bay Rum Xmas

Morant Bay Is Rum On Ice For Christmas

Morant Bay Red Spiced Rum brings the Christmas spirit packaged and rebranded in a bottle, to celebrate the festive season. This unique award-winning rum comes in an array of sizes from 50ml up to 700ml.

The Signature Edition Spiced Red Rum is available in a range of gifting options directly from their online store. Including the newest addition its Miniature Edition Spiced Red Rum box set, a 50ml bottle pre-packaged in an attractive mini treasure chest, with the branded colours and logo seal to unify this item.

For those seeking a rum drinking experience with slightly more expensive tastes, the Morant Bay decanter lead crystal set offers the best way to enjoy, present and serve this rum for the occasional sipper or social get togethers.

As far as rums go, this adds something different to the category as it doesn’t fall into the norm of dark, golden and white rums and will definitely be a surprise to any established rum drinker, connoisseur or aficionado. Who know there rums inside out and will have something new to discover and savour.

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