Black History Month

Black History Month Carter G. Woodson quote

About Black History Month

Black History Month is an annual event held nationally every October and is a major cultural celebration in Britain. It raises awareness of African and Caribbean history and cultural heritage, highlights achievements and contributions that Black people have made to British Society.

Black History Month has its origins in the United States, where February has been recognised as Black History Month since 1926, pioneered by Carter G. Woodson (born Dec 19th 1875 died April 3rd 1950). He was an African American Historian and author who started Negro History Week which went on to become Black History Month.

Britain first celebrated in October 1987 as part of African Jubilee Year which focusing on the contributions of Africans to the cultural, economic and political life of London and around the UK.

There are more events being held each year which provide unique opportunities celebrate and share African and Caribbean history, as well as to educate and discuss the role that black people have played in shaping the history of the world. It provides role models and highlights the positive aspects of ethnic diversity. Most of London’s councils and an increasing number of organisations now get involved hosting local events.

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