Caribbean Wedding Guide

Caribbean wedding guide

Getting Married in the Caribbean? Find out all your essential information here

Thinking of a wedding on a dream tropical island, look no further The Caribbean is the perfect destination if you seek romance, sun, sand and beautiful panoramic scenes. You can bask in the tropical climate and enjoy the culture and traditions that are unique in each island.

Sunset weddings, beach weddings, in the church or on a boat, whatever your choice, there are wedding planners and services available to help you plan your big day. They will handle design and venue bookings and decoration, photography, entertainment, marriage license details and catering

Rent out an entire resort for all your friends and family or choose a small intimate location for your ceremony.

The unique combination of African and European cultures give the Caribbean Islands a flavour all their own when it comes to wedding traditions.

Caribbean island wedding information
Each island has its own rules and regulations for marriage requirements and legal licenses.