Getting Married on the Beach

Beach Weddings

Caribbean Beach Weddings

Whether you are getting married in a bikini or a gown the beach is always number one choice for an unforgettable wedding location.

Many couples are choosing to take the plunge with wedding on the beach instead of a traditional church wedding, and the Caribbean is a perfect choice. The islands offer a beautiful climate, stunning locations and competitive packages!

Caribbean hotels and resorts offer free wedding packages included with a stay, and other a separate rate. Typical packages include the registrar, minister or justice of the peace, document preparation, flowers, cake and Champagne. Some resorts include a wedding photo and additional services.

Beach weddings are usually slightly more casual traditional weddings, and there are a number of things to keep in mind when planning. The weather can be very hot and both the bride and groom need to make sure that the outfits are going to keep cool.

Some locations can be stunning but windy! Make sure you check this out as it may affect the choice of dresses and hairstyles.

Will the wedding take place on the sand? Sandals or flip flops will be more appropriate than high heels – so make sure you let your female guests know.

Think about your guests, are some of them elderly and need shade throughout the day? If so make sure there are place to keep cool and sit down.