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About Bacchanalia Carnival Band

Bacchanalia Carnival Band are a London Notting Hill Carnival Group dedicated to bringing you the best possible carnival experience! Our group is small, intimate, focused on detail and customer service – and most importantly, ensuring that you enjoy carnival in every way! There will be a maximum of 200 masqueraders from different backgrounds, countries, lifestyles and origins – making our overall group diversified and much more fun!!

The band leaders for Bacchanalia are Andrew & Kelly Rajpaulsingh, who have both been involved within carnival for over a decade – via different mediums.

Bacchanalia is a Premium band – which means you get that extra bit more! We have capped masqueraders at 200 to ensure that we are able to follow through on this and we will remain at 200 for the foreseeable future.

Notting Hill Carnival 2016 Theme – Supernatural

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For all information on Mas costume prices or to get involved please contact Bacchanalia Carnival Band.