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Isis Mas Band

About IsisMas Carnival Band

IsisMas carnival band (pronounced “I-sis-mas”) is a community arts organisation involved in costumes, JAB JAB masquerade and T-Shirt mas culture. Formed in 1993, the IsisMas vision is bringing the ultimate carnival experience to everyone.

IsisMas is passionate about everything we do from J’Ouvert, through to children’s fun day, then the adults last lap Monday, our all-inclusive costume and fun mas packs are designed so you have a great time and unrivaled enjoyment.

From its inception, IsisMas has and continues to be a dominant cultural avenue for expression, for families, the youth and the young at heart! Young men, who simply wanted to enjoy the ‘Ole Mas’ carnival traditions of Grenada and Trinidad, founded IsisMas.

Ole Mas is carnival satire at its best and, a time to play on, and render our take of the contemporary stories of the time. Isis Mas’ core objective is to keep alive the heritage of ‘Ole Mas’ within UK carnival culture.

…the home of carnival costumes, JAB JAB masquerade and T-Shirt mas experience & entertainment.

Everyone, is welcome to participate in carnival with Isis, and enjoy walking the route being the centre of attention! ISISMAS is a family band and welcomes families to participate together. We have costumes and T-Shirt ‘Limers’ packs available for children and adults.

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For all information on Mas costume prices or to get involved please contact IsisMas.

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