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Notting Hill Carnival 2013 marked the first year this new group of hardworking individuals assembled to form an experience out of this world, bringing to the streets an explosion of “our 5 senses transfused into 1”

With years of experience in Culture, Music, Design, Dance, Business Management, Food and true understanding of Service. This Group is set to make an unforgettable lasting mark on the industry like never before. The team researched the Sunday Experience of Notting Hill and found that there was a limitation of Choice, Colour and Portrayals being presented on the eve of the carnival Monday’s explosion of costumes, to the many spectators who would only visit on the one day.

As Sunday is branded as the Family Day we decided to make the Sunday experience Fun, Colourful, Interactive, Expressive and most of all ‘SWEET’ which resulted in the Birth of CANDY MAS.

Candy Mas took to the Streets of Notting Hill in a style ‘Fogging-up-the-Place’ with Candy Fog, on an Epic Beginning of CANDY MAS which is the Colour, Flavour, Feeling, Sound and the Sweet Smell of Sunday Carnival.

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For all information on Mas costume prices or to get involved please contact Candy Mas.

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