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About Vybz Carnival Band

The Vybz Mas Band Formed in 2008 by Lloyd Bedeau and Roz Thompson. Vybz Mas Band is one of Notting Hill Carnival’s newest and most versatile costume bands. Our aim is to introduce and sustain Caribbean culture and Arts to youth in the community and provide an organization that they can associate with and feel they belong.

There are many negative avenues that our children can take, therefore we have created this cultural interactivity programme to provide a positive alternative for them. Our biggest aim over the Carnival weekend is to provide fun filled days in which all our masqueraders both young and old can enjoy, safely and flamboyantly. We not only participate in the Notting Hill Carnival, but also organise numerous events throughout the year.

For more enquiries please get in touch, sections are filling up fast! Don’t wait …there’s no time like the present. Come feel the Vybz with us today!

Notting Hill Carnival 2016 Theme – Aztecs

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For all information on Mas costume prices or to get involved please contact Vybz Carnival Band.

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