Chocolate City J’ouvert

Chocolate City J’ouvert 2011

Chocolate City J’ouvert will be star studded on J’ouvert morning. That’s the assurance of organizers as registration kicks off for their themed showcase of The Fantasy, at their new camp, located at 29 Stone Street in Port-of-Spain.

The 5-year old band has a following that’s second to none, with patrons coming in from as far as United Kingdom for the unconventional J’ouvert experience. From the big man in the business, Iwer George to Blaxx, Kerwin DuBois, Jamesy P, Super Jigga TC, St. Vincent’s Road March champ, Madzart, Cassi and the Big Band Traffik featuring Eddie Charles – 2011 promises to be a big one for Chocolate City.

Already the vibe and energy is explosive at the camp with weekend treats like the Friday night after work lime and the Saturday wild meat and soup explosion that engage crowds for what is certainly the build up to J’ouvert 2011.

Chocolate City came onto the scene and immediately started something new, dynamic and revolutionary five years ago. The sudden emergence of this band, which at the time claimed to be offering the sweetest experience for J’ouvert in T&T, was certainly engaging to the masses and many immediately jumped on board. With liquid chocolate being flown in from France, the show on the road proved to be utterly sweet. Over the years, the numbers have grown with some 1800 faithful Chocolate City J’ouvert masqueraders playing with the band annually.

Water trucks, breakfast, the hottest t-shirts and the biggest names in entertainment, added to a well structured and perfectly placed security system makes Chocolate City J’ouvert one of the best, if not the best J’ouvert mas band on the road in T&T Carnival.

An influx of masqueraders and patrons in general, to the Greatest Show on Earth in C2K11 means that this year will see record numbers join the band. Organizers are calling on patrons to register early by calling 623-4MAS. This will allow for the early processing of registered masqueraders and an easy flow as the season peaks and J’ouvert morning draws closer.

For further information visit Facebook, keyword: Chocolate City -The Sexiest J’ouvert Experience.

Chocolate City