Coca-Cola Rhythm in time for Carnival 2012

Coca Cola 2012 Carnival Rythm

Coca-Cola has released the second official Coca-Cola Rhythm in time for Carnival 2012.

The rhythm features an all star line up on a groovy soca beat developed by Kernal Roberts.

Coca-Cola has always been a refreshing delight to people all across the globe since 1886. The 2012 Coca-Cola Rhythm builds on the optimistic refreshment platform which embodies Coke’s Open Happiness mantra.

This new rhythm features an amazing group of artistes including: Benjai, Lil Bitts, Umi Marcano, Screws and Devon Matthews. Their talent brought to life the Rhythm objective – to share happiness, build excitement and really enjoy Carnival as Trinbangonians do with Soca Music.

According to Franchise Brand Manager, Mr. Roberto Lapeira, “Coca-Cola is pleased to have to opportunity to share its second Carnival Rhythm with Trinidad and Tobago. We are always trying to find innovative ways to really connect with the public and with the success of the last rhythm, we knew we had to bring something even more amazing this year. Kernal Roberts took the challenge and brought a fantastic, new groovy soca sound that includes our trademark Coca-Cola five tones and makes you want to dance in the street this Carnival.”

The Carnival 2012 Coca-Cola Rhythm Music will be available for download at