Freedom Avenue Notting Hill Carnival Movie

Freedom Avenue Notting Hill Carnival

Freedom Avenue Notting Hill Carnival Movie

An euphoric immersion into the Notting Hill Carnival : the 2nd BIGGEST CARNIVAL IN THE WORLD after Rio, where all forms of liberty are expressed with pride.

Summer is coming to an end but the air is still hot in the British capital. In the west of the city, the upscale Notting Hill neighbourhood that’s usually very peaceful there seems something is stirring this morning. Shopkeepers are boarding up their shop windows, residents are decorating their homes with Caribbean colours that contrast against the white house fronts.

The smell of barbecue is beginning to spread in the streets. Jerk chicken, whistle and flag sellers are improvising with makeshift stands along Ladbroke Grove. Then the streets gradually fill with the crowd from all around the world…….

A Documentary film by Jean-Xavier Brottes.

The film explores the dynamics and stories behind Notting Hill Carnival and includes interviews with local residents young and old. Click here to see some of the stars of the film


Your support will provide help to finish shooting, edit the film, to manage colour graduating and image quality as well as sound design in order for the film to participate in film festivals or be submitted to TV channels. Click here to find out how

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