Mas Domnik 2016 launch

Dominicana officially launches Mas Domnik 2016

The Official Media Launch of Mas Domnik 2016 offered the public a sneak peek as to what is to be expected for the most spontaneous Carnival in the world!

Discover Dominica Authority through the Dominica Festivals Committee held a media ceremony at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium on Thursday December 3rd 2015 to introduce the activities for the Mas Domnik 2016, under the theme “The Spirit of De Real Mas!”

The true Spirit of the Real Mas was present with the many invited guests and organizers of activities who highlighted their planned activities. The 2016 Mas Domnik Calendar boasts two months of activities for all age ranges and incorporates Pageants, Calypso, Bouyon, Road Parades and Jump-ups. A major highlight of the 2016 activities is the National Carnival Queen Pageant, where six (6) vibrant young ladies will vie for the coveted crown on Friday February 5th 2016.

General Manager of Flow, Mas Domnik 2016 headline sponsor reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the preservation and development of cultural heritage. He highlighted the company’s significant investment for Mas Domnik 2016 and called on Dominicans to support the activities as we now have the opportunity to turn Mas Domnik 2016 into one of the most successful in years.

Mas Domnik, “the Spirit of De Real Mas”, is considered the last remaining fortress of true authentic masquerade in the Caribbean, and will run from January 16th 2016 with the opening Street Parade to the closing on February 9th 2016 with the Last Lap Jump Up!