Rosalie Bay Resort leads eco and wellness in Dominica

Rosalie Bay Resort leads eco and wellness in Dominica

Rosalie Bay Resort is an Eco-Boutique&Wellness Retreat located on the tropical island of Dominica, home to eight active volcanoes, abundant wildlife, more than 1,200 plant species and 365 rivers leading out to sea.

Nestled amongst spectacular lush gardens with views of the Atlantic Ocean and Rosalie River, the resort has nine cottages containing 28 rooms and suites. Guests can enjoy all the comforts and amenities offered at Rosalie Bay while appreciating more than 172 species of birds, which make the island their home. And just off shore, dolphins and sperm whales can be spotted year round.

Inspired by nature Rosalie Bay Resort’s environmental practices have recently focused on recycling initiatives implemented throughout the resort’s operations.

Miss Daryl Aaron, Resort Manager at Rosalie Bay Resort said, “We are pleased to announce that our eco-boutique resort has recently launched a resort-wide recycling program. Glass and plastic containers, cans and tins, tetra paks and cardboard are now recycled at Rosalie Bay.

“The resort also continues to compost the biodegradable items produced by the kitchen, and the Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation is now collecting our recyclable materials every month.

“This is a big step for us as recycling is a recent opportunity offered in Dominica. To involve all staff in this green initiative, we hosted a two-week, hands-on implementation period. Eco-training was conducted for maintenance, kitchen and housekeeping departments. Each team learned the importance of recycling, the 3R’s concept (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) and was informed about the recycling process at the resort. Staff have now been trained in the sorting of waste into three categories, recyclables, compost and trash.”

“To strengthen our recycling system and improve it continually, we will monitor it via regular assessments. These sustainable efforts will help to reduce pollution and degradation in Dominica,” added Miss Aaron.

Rosalie Bay Resort’s consistent efforts in sustainability management are further evident in the usage of a 225KW wind turbine and more than 300 solar panels to generate energy. Originally, the resort was built by hand using sustainable and recyclable materials and the resort continues to support local businesses and artisans by featuring hand carved wooden furniture in rooms and offices. To further contribute to the local economy, Batik artwork from the capital Roseau forms an integral part of Rosalie Bay’s interior decor and handmade gifts by local craftspeople are available in the resort’s boutique.

An organic garden provides the resort’s Zamaan Restaurant with healthy, locally sourced produce including coconut, sea grape, lettuce, Noni and Stevia. There are plans to extend the garden in the future to supply all fruit, vegetables and herbs required by the restaurant.

“We look forward to seeing these sustainable efforts make a difference,” concluded Miss Aaron.

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