Dexta Malawi Put On Ya Turban

Dexter Malawi New Single

Dexter Malawi one of the bright young artists stepping into the frontline of Jamaican music today, has just completed filming a video for his new single "Put On Ya Turban", recorded on a riddim by New Zealand Producer The Nomad, under his label ‘The Nomad Music’.

Malawi came to popular attention in 2013 with his first hit "Woke Up This Morning", a happy song on a dancing beat by Bebble Rock Music that captured the ear with lyrics that drew mental images of a cool river, sunshine and upfull meditations. The popularity of ‘Woke Up This Morning’ opened many international doors for Dexta Malawi. He received thunderous applause at his most recent performance at the UNIA/ACL Marcus Garvey Centenary Festival in Harlem, New York in June 2014 and he travels to Germany in September for performances and studio recordings in Dresden.

The New Single entitled "Put On Ya Turban" is the first product of the linkage between Dexta Malawi and ‘The Nomad Music’ a linkage made possible by Kevin "Supa Nova" Salmon and the success of "Woke Up This Morning". "Put On Ya Turban" is a tribute to the Bobo Shanty Order of Rastafari and is also a call-to-action for the youth, advising them to use education to lift themselves to higher heights on the Journey of life. In this song Dexta explains some of the journeys and challenges of a BoboShanti in his aim to exist in righteousness, to promote education and repatriation, to preserve African heritage and to enjoy and preserve nature’s magnificence. He explains that the BoboShanti wears the Turban and that the Bobo tribe is from Burkina Faso in Africa.

Dexta Malawi is not an official member of the BoboShanti Rastafari order but has trod with several members on his Malawian Journeys, who have taught him many lessons about discipline, spirituality, governance and life in general. Dexta Malawi exemplifies these lessons, as a graduate of the University of Technology (UTECH), the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts and the Media Technology Institute (MTI) of C.T.P.C. He holds a full-time job as an Environmental Engineer with the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA). He therefore saw it as fitting to pay this tribute to the Order of the BoboShanti.

Put on Ya Turban was recorded by Andrea Dippierro, and the logo artwork was done by Jimmy Stewart.The video for "Put on Ya Turban" is scripted by Andre France and filmed by Oarabile Tome and Kevron Turner of Cinematography de Turner. The video shoot was done in beautiful Stony Hill, St. Andrew on 17 August 2014. The editing will be done in New Zealand by producer Damion Schwalger and the completed video should be released in October 2014.The song is currently available for download from ITunes.

Dexta Malawi spends a lot of time honing, recording, refining, performing and promoting his music, and is a popular artist at the live weekly music events taking place in Kingston such as Dub School, Vinyl Thursdays, Dub Club and Rockers Revolution Saturdays. Known as a performer of both songs and poetry, he has more than fifteen songs already recorded and an EP, THE MALAWIAN JOURNEYS 1.0 coming in November 2014. Dexta Malawi is steadfast in his mission to "Reach The People"


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