Gwo Ka Tradicion Ka

Soul Jazz Records Gwo Ka

Gwo Ka: Music from the island of of Guadeloupe, French West Indies by Tradicion Ka

Soul Jazz Records continues its journey into the world of Afro-Caribbean roots music with this album of newly recorded music of Gwo Ka music recorded and produced by Soul Jazz Records on the island of Guadeloupe, French West Indies.

Gwo Ka music is a fantastic fusion of African-­derived musical form (call and response), with vocal styles that draw upon the equally powerful French chanson singers to create a truly unique combination.

Like the cult music of Haiti’s Vodou and Cuba’s Santeria or the roots music of Belize’s Garifuna (all of which Soul Jazz have also released), Gwo Ka is partly the musical and cultural product of the region’s African ancestry, forcibly brought to the Caribbean.

These new recordings show how Gwo Ka is both a modern Caribbean music form and one also firmly rooted in ancestral history.

The album is available as a deluxe Soul Jazz CD with slipcase, extensive sleevenotes and full booklet, a limited edition heavyweight double-LP vinyl album (+ free download code), and a worldwide digital release.

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Available in all good retail and internet stores on CD, Ltd. Edn. 2xLp (+ free code) and worldwide digital