Djama Keita – Guidance

Djama Keita Guidance

New Album from Djama Keita – Guidance

This album is the result of two years dedication to an original, not to say intimate, concept. The overall tenor of this album is clearly reggae, but not exclusively so…

In his latest opus «Guidance» Djama Keita presents fourteen new tracks written and composed by himself, and produced by the EIA Productions and the Prod’Action label. In association with prominent musicians such as Guy-Marc Vadeleux (keyboard), Kevin Toris (guitar), Alfred Fantone (percussion), Issa Cissique (drums and percussion); and featuring talented singers including Lyricson and Mystical Heights.The recording and mixing was undertaken by David Rodap (sound engineer) who is known for his work with Victor O, Loriane Zechariah and Black Kalagan.

Guidance is a common word in the Rastafarian lexicon, outlining a path to the spiritual and intellectual faith. This is an approach to life that strongly reflect the politics and philosophy of the first Jamaican Rasta, Leonard Percival Howell (1898-1981). It is no coincidence that Guidance is the title of the album; Djama is deeply affected by the artistic guidance and direction he has received during his 20 year career. His inheritance is of the utmost importance to him.

It began as a child growing up surrounded by musicians, on his island of Martinique, which was experiencing a golden age of traditional music during his musical upbringing; but an inheritance equally composed of the paradoxes contained in growing up in a land whose history has known many sorrows.

Guidance therefore becomes a message a deteriorating climate, of a society undergoing profound change. Djama is not focussed on condemning the problems but in conveying a meaning, a path and a message of hope to his audience. Djama uses his lyrics to propose beneficial behaviour for a hopeful future.

On Guidance we can hear African rhythms and instruments in the acoustic New Roots opening and closing tracks (An Silans, Viv Love Adan). Lévé Le Matin is tinged with Caribbean jazz, while tracks Guidance, Praize, and Free Up sound more reggae, with a discernibly international dimension.

The singer demonstrates the extent of his talent with «lovers» vibes in Know My Way and For You, and on original tracks like Quitter Ce Far West and Chaque Jour.

1. An Silans – 03:07
2. Praise – 04:23
3. Guidance – 04:14
4. Try – 03:26
5. Chaque jour – 04:11
6. Free up – 03:55
7. Quitter (ce far west) – 04:03
8. For you – 04:19
9. Inna morning – 04:36
10. Ghetto life – 03:39
11. Seek Jah love – 03:30
12. My way – 04:09
13. Serious time – 04:46
14. Viv adan Love – 03:13