International Dub Gathering 2016 a success

International Dub Gathering 2016

International Dub Gathering 2016 closes, and announces 2017 dates

International Dub Gathering closes its first edition successfully and announces new date, for next Eastern holidays 2017.

Mad Professor, General Levy, Mad Professor and Mackie Banton, among others, opened the first day of the International Dub Gathering.

More than 7.000 soundsystem culture lovers from multiple nationalities attended this exclusive gathering.

Three intense days with more than 50 hours of music and more than 80 artists from all over the world into four stages and 9 sound systems . A meeting were people for all ages was welcome and gathered more than 7.000 people from Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, England, Poland, and a long list of European countries without forgetting family from Jamaica, Brazil and Africa.

Day one performances from Raggattach ft. George Palmer, Ponchita Peligros ft. Supahfrans, Ackboo ft. Yeyo Perez, Legal Shot ft. Lasai & George Palmer, Warriors of Dub and Jamaikids by day and Greenlight ft. Mackie Banton & Speng Bond meets Imperial Sound Army ft. Dan-I, Jonah Dan, Ras Biblical & Fikir Lamlak, Mad Professor, General Levy ft. Joe Ariwa, Equal Brothers, Antibypass, Teknical Dubs and Crudo Bilbao ft. Kobo at night

Second day performances for the first time The Penguins and its Reggae Per Xics project with the great Mad Professor, as well as Addis Pablo & Ras Jammy & Jah Bami introducing 100% Rockers, and Aba Shanti-I, Johnny Clarke and O.B.F. ft. Sr. Wilson, among many others.

On the third day reggae music lovers enjoyed performances from Badalonians, Legal Shot, Indica Dubs, Channel One, Dubstoned, Jamaikids, Thunderclap & Salda Dago, Chalart58 ft. George Palmer and Panda Dub by day and Jah Shaka, Blackboard Jungle ft. Nish Wadada & Danny Red, Evermood Sound, Cheff Sinai, Akash, Maasai Warrior and King Alpha at night.

The Second edition will take place next April 14th, 15th and 16th 2017.

After this successful first edition, the organization has already announced next
dates for the second edition: April 14th, 15th and 16th 2017 coinciding with Easter holidays 2017.

During the following month organization will announce the first line up and early tickets. More information on the
website and social networks.

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