Marlon Asher Set to Release Album Titled “Illusions”

Album Reggae Marlon Asher Illusions

Trinidadian Reggae Singer Marlon Asher Set to Release Album Titled “Illusions”

Affectionately known to the world for his single “Ganja Farmer”, Trinidadian Reggae artist Marlon Asher is set to release his third album titled “Illusions”. Produced by Clear Port and Zojak Worldwide, “Illusions” is a 17-track musical artistry, which shows the spiritual connection and conscious livity Marlon Asher conveys through his music.

Exemplifying the great rhythm and base of reggae, the production of ‘Illusions’ is refreshing. With producers such as Don Corleon, Chris “Digital Chris” Elliot, John Cardinali and Yeti Beats, you can hear a clear vision and sound throughout the album as they capture the inspiring and thought provoking musical ability of Marlon Asher in a unique manner. Both production and good engineering fused with the enlightening lyrics of Marlon Asher, ‘Illusions’ is an album, which will motivate listeners around the globe while they sing along to each track.

Throughout the album, Marlon Asher provides thought provoking lyrics serving as a guide to the less fortunate. “Settle Down”, the third track on the album is a plea to the youths to settle down and realize that there is nothing more powerful than the Almighty.

“Settle down, mi a beg the ghetto youths fi settle down, there is none more powerful than God the Almighty, bombs and guns and brutality that could take your love away from His Majesty”

While dj-ing on a more uptempo rhythm, Marlon Asher plea to the youths does not get lost at no time throughout the song. All lovers of music can relate and appreciate each single on the album. There are some singles, which stands out and may speak to the listener more than others like, “See Me Through” feat. Pressure, “Psalms 35”, “Moving On” and “Look Into the Sky”. Throughout the album there are tracks like “Jah Jah”, track one, which is a musical conversation Marlon Asher is having with ‘Jah’, asking for some guidance for his people and a plea to change the world form those who seek to destroy.

During a time when many are asking what has happened to music with a message and music which supports a cause, “Illusions” is that album.

Staying true to his persona and artistic style, Marlon Asher’s single “Babylon Brutality” is currently available as an instant gratification track on iTunes when you pre-order the album. “Babylon Brutality”, produced by Josh Cardinali, Marlon Asher speaks about police brutality towards ghetto youths, while singing about the different scenarios of babylon injustice and urges ghetto youths to persevere despite the injustices.

“Illusions” is now available for pre-order on iTunes and the release will be available on January 13th from Clear Port Entertainment & Zojak World Wide.