Rica Newell – Them Fools Have Failed

Songstress embarking on her first solo album

Discovered while singing in church in Jamaica by Dean Fraser, Rica Newell recorded and toured with Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers beginning in 1985. She currently sings support vocals with Stephen Marley. She has recorded and performed with countless artists in reggae including the I-Threes (Judy Mowatt, Rita Marley and Marcia Griffiths) as well as Dennis Brown and Damian Marley.

Her current single, the self-produced “Them Fools Have Failed” will be part of a full length solo album, LOVE IS THE WORD, set for an early 2016 release. A previous single, “Inspire Me” was released some years back and was received well by fans and DJ’s around the world.

The song “Them Fools Have Failed” has a sensual lover’s rock flavor which is heavily influenced by vintage R&B soul. Live drums set the heartbeat to an effortless bass line and classic guitar pattern that glides along supporting a strong melody that sings of a romantic love that is unstoppable and resilient.The writing Rica has done to develop this song for her voice reminds the listener of a bygone era when artists did not rely on pitch control or other effects to express the melody.

As to how the song concept evolved, Rica explains her writing method this way, “I like to walk and when I walk different melodies come to me. I was remembering a particular situation with someone and I was like ‘ you just have to love no matter what.’ Then other things evolved around that whole concept -your family is your family and you are going to love your family no matter what. Sometimes its bitter love, its sweet love but its bitter love but you really have to love.”

The message in this song blends well with the concept for her forthcoming album as Rica notes, “Its just love, at the end of the day its just love, because we are humans we are people nobody is perfect and forgiveness is like a beautiful thing and sometimes you have to step away to realize that you really love. Love is the word at the end of the day we are all human and we’re all family you love your family you love your friends, you have to love your brother you have to love your sister, its all about love.”

website: ricanewell.com
Twitter: @ericanewell
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