Richie Stephens & Ska Nation Band ‘Internationally’

Richie Stephens Ska Nation new album Internationally

Richie Stephens & Ska Nation Band Set To Release “Internationally”

With his captivating voice and a sound that exhibits his passion from every note, Grammy award winner Richie Stephens and The Ska Nation Band will release their new studio album Internationally, April 15th (Pot of Gold, Adriatic Sound/Zojak World Wide).

The 14-track album available for pre-order today, comes with the instant-grat track Fire Fire, a tribute to ska. Richie Stephens and the Ska Nation band (based out of Italy), came together to create this masterpiece, which listeners can appreciate and become educated at the same time. The album starts with a single title ‘Foundation’, which mentions some of the ska greats and states that ‘ska a the original sound, Jamaica’s first big music”.

“I truly think ska music should be preserved and respected by us as Jamaican people for being our first international music” says Richie Stephens.

Connecting with the Ska Nation band, a nine man ska ensemble, while in Italy last summer performing at the Casalabate Festival, the creative bond was instant. All the members of the band were born and currently live in Salento, southern Italy. The single Kingston Salento captures the connection between Richie Stephens & The Ska Nation band and the love for ska on a global level. With half of the album being completed in Jamaica, Internationally is also symbolic of the passion and impact ska music have on a broader spectrum.

“Ska music is far more loved and respected over seas, than in my own country Jamaica” says Richie Stephens. The album Internationally follows a theme – genre of ska and gives listeners an ability to dance as well.

Throughout the album Richie Stephens and The Ska Nation band embrace the musical magic of ska. Bringing to life a positive and motivating message in one of their singles Born To Be Great feat. Sly & Robbie and still giving the listener a feeling of happiness as they sing and dance along. For many music lovers they may view ska music as ‘older reggae music’, Richie Stephens and The Ska Nation band definitely changed that stereotype. With singles like Original Style feat. Sean Paul and Gentleman, Internationally feat. Sud Sound System or Everybody Dance (Remix) there is a youthful tone, which highlights the ability to blend age groups and still showcase the brilliant musical arrangement and greatness of ska.

Working with some of reggae great musicians on this album like Cleveland “Clevie” Browne, Dean Fraser, Sly & Robbie, Kirk Bennett and the major support of the mastermind Stephen ‘Lenky’ Marsden, Richie Stephens and Ska Nation band created a great body of work. From the musical arrangements to the lyrics, Internationally will definitely make music and ska lovers proud.

“I would like every one to listen this album and realize that ska music is a very serious genre that can stay on top if given the right opportunity like before” says Richie Stephens.

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