Party For Dem Triniboi Joocie

Trini Boi Joocie Party for Dem

Triniboi Joocie – Party For Dem “2015 Trinidad Soca”

A bass line like lava taking everything in its path. Drums beating out the raising pulse as adrenaline courses through the veins.

Voices in chorus singing as one. Lungs bursting for air…the season is here!

Just like a force of nature the reigning UK Double Soca Monarch and 2014 Notting Hill Carnival Roadmarch King Triniboi Joocie meets once again with SD Productions and Wetty Beatz Productions presenting PARTY FOR DEM!

All that is still will TUMBLE. And like a volcano we will ERUPT every party!

Artist: Triniboi Joocie
Song: Party For Dem
Written by: Rodell Sorzano
Backing Vocals by: Chloe Belle
Produce by: SD Productions Uk
Additional Production & Mix Mastered by: Wetty Beatz Productions