Rikki Jai Stress Reliever

2015 Rikki Jai Stress Reliever

2015 Chutney Soca Track “Stress Reliever”

The jaimaster as he is known in the music fraternity has shown without a doubt why he is the undisputed King of Chutney and of making the hits with the release of his 2015 chutney soca track “stress reliever”.

Filled with numerous catchy hooks and and an infectious melody the jaimaster has delivered a song for all party goers and revellers alike. The beat is exceptional and has all the elements of chutney soca tinged with edm and dance tones to give it the world music flavor.

This song is sure to be a staple in all chutney and soca events locally and internationally.

The track was written by the jaimaster and produced by big rich the pungalunks with music by Adrian Jaikaran and Prince Bhajman with background vocals by Ravi b and Terri Lyons.

This track embodies the wants and likes of people of all walks of life who after a stress filled day or week look for that relief and find it in the music.

A music filled life is a stress free life so enjoy this track and be stress free