Soca Johnny. -Time To Do It Again

Soca Johnny Time to do it Again

2015 Soca – Soca Johnny.- Time To Do It Again

364 days until the next one, as soon as one is finished, we anticipate with slowly building excitement the arrival of the next carnival.

Days, weeks and months go by, then, the annual ritual begins. The warm up fetes, the lime, the food, the drinks, sweet pan music, those faces you only see once a year… in the words of the song ‘it’s approaching jouvert morning…’

The big man of UK Soca provides an adrenalin filled hit. Recorded on Hombase music’s Rituals riddim, this song will get your pulse racing which is only fueled by Johnny’s energetic vocals.

Typical of his story telling style, he uses lyrics to make revelers visualize the carnival experience, the rum, the rhythm the resilience of the true masquerade who won’t stop until carnival is over because its ‘Time to do it again!’

Performed by Soca Johnny
Written by John (Soca Johnny) David
Produced by Wayne Green for Homebase Music
Background vocals : Mr. Vybes
Recorded by John David/Club Caribbean Music
Mixed & Mastered by Wayne Green

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