First Anguilla Sculpture Symposium

Art Cafe Anguilla

Island Harbour Art Café Hosts First Anguilla Sculpture Symposium

The First Anguilla Sculpture Symposium is thrilled to announce that Janus Pavluk, owner and curator of the Art Café in historic Island Harbour, Anguilla, has generously donated to the Symposium the use of the Art Café as the venue for this exciting public event taking place from November 9 through November 27 2015.

The first event of its kind in the Caribbean, the Symposium is a unique opportunity for residents and visitors alike to watch internationally renowned artists hard at work, to speak with them, and to learn first hand about what actually goes into the creation of a public sculpture.

Under tents and palm trees, nestled on the sun – drenched sands on the lovely grounds of the Art Café on Anguilla’s East End, three internationally renowned sculptors, Alexandra Harley, Jon Barlow Hudson, and Almuth Tebbenhoff, will toil in full view of the public to create their large – scale sculptures. Visitors and residents will have the rare opportunity to witness public art in the making, as they watch the artists produce sculptures inspired by Anguilla’s culture, history and natural beauty. The finished works will all remain on permanent display on Anguilla.

Located in the Coconut Paradise Building in Island Harbour, the Art Café features exhibitions of international contemporary art, as well as events and live performances. Pristine and modern, Art Café overlooks beautiful Island Harbour — one of the island’s oldest fishing villages and home to the Big Spring Heritage Site, believed to have been an Arawak ceremonial site and boasting dozens of petroglyphs made by some of Anguilla’s earliest inhabitants.

To engage and ignite the latent creativity of the Island’s youth, the participating artists will lead a series of innovative sculpture workshops for the students — sharing their skills, knowledge and love of the art form. The public sculptures that the artists create will remain on permanent display on Anguilla. As an international event, the Symposium fosters cultural exchange and cooperation between the participating artists and Anguilla’s thriving arts and crafts community.